We are a company offering Bush Retreats, specialising in Leadership, Personal and Team development. We achieve the highest standards of personal change using unique methodologies that incorporate nature and our surroundings, neuroscience, systems thinking, coaching, the enneagram and experiential learning.

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Companies with strong cultures see four times increase in revenue growth

“Employees supervised by highly engaged leadership teams are 39% more likely to be engaged themselves”


Dear Pam and Mike,

Thank you very much for a productive day spent together. Your facilitation venue is an ideal setting to get away from the distractions of day to day life and well suited for sessions of this nature. It is also convenient being a mere 30 mins outside of Durban.

You work well together as a team and your different styles are very complimentary, one thing that stands out for me is the positive energy you always have, which is infectious. I felt we were able to review the past and plan the way forward with clear outcomes which will greatly benefit our team.

I’d highly recommend VulaMehlo and wish you all the very best going forward.

Brandon Ehlers, Vision